Innovative HVAC Sales represents the highest quality HVAC products available in the commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Representing over 20 manufacturers, we have quality products to deliver and support your unique solutions. Our sales professionals are knowledgeable, professional, and most of all, reachable. We’re there when you need us, from the initial selection for basis of design through to installation.

We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and always do what’s in the best interest of the customer. Through careful selection of our employees and an internal culture of autonomy and accountability, you can depend on our staff and our management to complete the project. Our history in Florida is one of excellence and mutual respect. A loyal customer base is the reward for being a trusted partner, and our goal is to do business with people who want to work with us. We believe strongly in our manufacturers providing the best products on the market, because we’re constantly evaluating our current and prospective lines based on real world conditions. It is precisely because we represent different product lines that we can adapt to environmental and space challenges that your unique building poses.

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